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You are always up to your nook in the latest in communications technology. In fact, you'd rather communicate over Trollian than speak to people in person.

If anyone wants to talk to you, they might as well comment below. You'll probably answer, since you're rarely more than a few feet from your phone.

OOC Contact Info

AIM: hellbreakercnd
Plurk: [ profile] Chichirinoda


I'm good with pretty much anything, from torture to fourth walling. If a scene does go somewhere that I'm not comfortable with (and to be honest I've never done this) I'll speak to the player personally.
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Sollux has programmed himself an autoresponder that will automatically reply with the following comment to anyone who asks about his quirk:

iit 2eem2 you have a2ked about my text quiirk. every troll ha2 a 2peciial iiniimiitably rad typiing 2tyle that ii2 de2iigned two 2iimulate theiir real tone, cadence, per2onaliity, and blood colour. the quiirk ii2 guaranteed two be 92% repre2entatiive of theiir obviiou2 and 2tereotypiical phy2iical and mental traiit2, ba2ed on 2ome 2tatii2tiical analy2ii2 ii ba2iically ju2t pulled out of my nook riight now.

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note two 2elf.
never let ff make a '2now horror terror ooooh won't that be IINCUTTLEABLY KOI-UTE?'

tentacle2 are not my friiend2.
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Sollux has been visiting the secret research facility in Vatheon and hacking the computers. Here are the files he's found so far:

Week 1 )

Week 2 )

Week 3 )


Dec. 3rd, 2011 12:08 pm
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what the fuck wa2 all that mu2ic ye2terday ab0ut?
i kn0w y0u human2 pr0bably get tired 0f u2 alien2 a2king inane que2ti0n2, but 2eri0u2ly.
it'2 getting like 12th perigee2 eve up in here.
and i need t0 kn0w if i need t0 find pre2ent2 f0r the dr0ne2 bef0re i get culled 0r 20mething.

Cut for stuff that no one cares about but Eridan, Dave, Aradia, and Karkat )


Oct. 28th, 2011 07:39 pm
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[OOC: This text ad scrolls across the top of every browser window in the city at fifteen minute intervals throughout the day. It doesn't matter which website you're looking at or even if you've actually loaded a new page, it still shows up. The identity of the hacker is hidden, but's probably obvious if you know trolls.

Responses to this post can be assumed to be trollian conversations with twinArmageddons XD Or you're welcome to hit up his IC contact post, or bang on his door if you know where he lives, I'm cool with whatever.]

electr0nic 2ecurity expert 0ffering their 2ervice2.
price2 neg0tiable.
d0wnl0ad freeware 20ftware pr0gram 'trollian' 0r click thi2 link --> trollian.exe.
and c0ntact 'twinArmageddons' t0 di2cu22 y0ur need2.
2eri0u2 and legal inquirie2 0nly.

[Translation: Electronic security expert offering their services.
Prices negotiable.
Download freeware software program 'trollian' or click this link --> trollian.exe.
and contact 'twinArmageddons' to discuss your needs.
serious and legal inquiries only.]


Oct. 1st, 2011 09:08 am
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what the actual fuck.
where did all the2e pe0ple c0me fr0m?
yeah i've read a bunch 0f p02t2 20 i kn0w what'2 g0ing 0n, but that d0e2n't actually explain why milli0n2 0f pe0ple ju2t fucking 2h0wed up apparently t0 t0ur 0ur pri20n and laugh at u2 like 20me kind 0f fucking 2ide2h0w.
if any0ne want2 me, i'm in my re2pite bl0ck 2tudi0u2ly ign0ring the w0rld'2 exi2tence.


Sep. 6th, 2011 07:57 am
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w0w ed.
i really didn't think y0u had it in y0u.
but 2eri0u2ly, if y0u were g0ing t0 2pam my tr0llian with de2perate attempt2 t0 get me t0 watch y0u take y0ur cl0the2 0ff 0n vide0, i w0uld have th0ught y0u w0uld at lea2t have the 2hame gl0be2 t0 admit it wa2 y0u.
in2tead 0f pretending t0 be a 22/f/human.

thank2 f0r the laugh, th0ugh.


Aug. 28th, 2011 09:05 pm
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[Sollux is outside of Building 8, frolicking around the fountain.

Unfortunately, today Sollux is a foot-long six-legged insect, rather than the usual five-foot troll shape.

He's getting sort of close to the water]


Aug. 19th, 2011 08:35 pm
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[Even Sollux doesn't have perfect control over his gadgetry. Mostly because he has really, really fucking shitty luck.

And he was dumb enough to bring his portable computer into the bathroom with him before impulsively deciding to examine himself in the mirror.

He draws his shirt up, baring his stomach almost up to the chest. There are a few small scratches that have scabbed over and are nearly healed. But there on his stomach is a set of deep cuts, still scabbed with yellow blood and obviously deep. They form two wavy lines, one on top of the other, and look to have been deliberately inflicted.

He grimaces at the sight and pulls the shirt down irritably to cover the cuts before grabbing his computer and walking off, muttering to himself]

They are definitely going to thcar. Fuck my life.
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Oh my god, holy shit!

[He grabs the camera and tilts it up crazily until his face comes into view. He's grinning like a maniac, and he rips off his glasses to show his eyes - one red and one blue. He has eyes]

I can thee! I can fucking thee! KK I am going to throttle you and then fucking kithh you on the lipth, and there'th nothing you can do to thtop me.

[And with that, he cuts the feed.


[Locked to Eridan like fuck, and text]

i have pretty much half my p0wer2 back, and a2 y0u can 2ee, i have eye2
c0me at me, br0
if y0u dare

i'll be at the d0ck, where i wa2 bef0re
it's payback time, grubfucker

[Locked to Karkat like fuck, and text]

what the fuck did y0u d0, a22wipe?
what did y0u have t0 give them?


Aug. 4th, 2011 04:49 pm
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[Sollux never uses video, but right now he is. He smirks a little, showing extra fangs, now that they've been growing back in]

Went and got mythelf something nithe today.

Cut for awesome gif )

Yeah, I'm feeling a little better.


Jul. 11th, 2011 07:10 pm
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[Most boring video, ever. Sollux is sprawled back on his bed, husktop on his stomach, typing quickly. Every few seconds, he pauses and types a key command, and the computer reads back what he's doing, in a mechanical voice. It sounds like gibberish, since he's coding in a programming language that few of you have even heard of, and those who have aren't nearly as fluent in it as Sollux is.

His hair is mussed and his shirt is wrinkled. There are dirty dishes and half-empty cups scattered around his room. He hasn't actually left his room for long in a few days.

He picks up a carton of half-eaten takeout, sniffs it dubiously, then tosses it back onto his bedside table.]

...I'm hungry.

[And he keeps on typing]


Jun. 29th, 2011 09:16 am
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I can't believe I agreed to go on this stupid trip. I've boosted my signal to max and still can't find a satellite.


Jun. 25th, 2011 06:44 pm
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[Here we see the unsuspecting wild blind troll, Sollux, feeling his way out of his respite block bedroom into the main room of the hive apartment he now shares with Karkat and Terezi. The video is at a funny angle as he holds his network communicator in his hand, unaware that he accidentally turned the video on.

And here comes the wild also-blind predatory troll, Terezi, sniffing the air with a distinct air of curiosity.

Now here we see the natural response of such predators to a distinct change in the scent of one of her friends, as she dives on Sollux and gives him a big, wet lick to the face.

He yelps and drops the recorder, and we hear just a bit of the natural vocalizations of this rare breed before it shuts off]

Hey! Get the fuck off me, you creepy nooksniffer! What the fu--


Jun. 21st, 2011 06:40 pm
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i f0und this thing
it's n0t my 0wn huskt0p but i can't find that
i h0pe this piece 0f shit is w0rking

0kay guys this isn't funny anym0re
y0u can c0me 0ut n0w
i'm awake and s0rt 0f getting nerv0us
y0u might n0t have n0ticed since i was unc0nsci0us and all
but i can't actually see a damn thing
s0 cut it 0ut

i'll just
wait here

[OOC: Sollux is hiding in an alley in the Underground. If you communicate with him (I recommend voice, and he'll find the voice function of his own network communicator once he realizes it might exist) he can give you details to find him. And then we can go to action spam in the comments, I guess? You're also welcome to go straight to action if you want to stumble over him directly.]


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